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Accelerating the planet's leap to a net-zero future

We are an angel syndicate.

Our name, "Endgame Capital" reflects our mission to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative solutions that drive us closer to the crucial objective of achieving net-zero emissions. We invest in companies who have the potential to reshape entire industries, reduce more than 100 megatons of carbon emissions, while becoming billion dollar businesses. 

Join our syndicate to access individual investment opportunities.

Investment Focus

We are a new breed of syndicate - operating at the level of a fund with the flexibility of a syndicate.

We provide catalytic investment and support for innovators.

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Transformational Impact

We invest in software and hardware solutions, which at scale have the potential to reduce or mitigate >100 megatons of GHGs, and generate top tier venture capital industry returns. We are geography & sector agnostic.


Pre-seed to Series A

The founding team is purpose driven, with relevant expertise. The technology has unique IP, proven at lab scale, or with initial MVP. The solution is simply better than the status quo - not relying on green premiums.


€100K - €1M tickets

We invest a minimum €100K and upwards to €1M of funding per deal. We invite value-add investors to our syndicate, meet each investor, and keep information restricted to those with serious investment intent.


We partner to scale up

Our investors and us actively support our portfolio companies throughout the scale up journey with mentorship, an appetite to pilot products or services, and capital.


Jinna Li.jpg


Co-Founder & Partner

Jinna brings a unique blend of hands-on experience in startups, strategy consulting, business development and marketing to our team. Her founder journey includes 4 startups in reusable packaging, fintech, and hospitality industries. She has built businesses surpassing €1M ARR, raised €1.5M in funding, managed a 30 person team, with 2 exits. Her career started in management consulting in branding, marketing, retail strategies for Fortune 500 brands including Lexus, Walgreens, Ford, impacting $100M + budgets. 

Interesting tidbit - Jinna enjoys playing piano and violin, and served as the concert master of a youth orchestra in Canada. 

John Mairlot.jpg


Co-Founder & Partner

John is a seasoned climate tech investor with a solid track record. With over 7 years of experience in Venture Capital (AquaSpark, NL) and Private Equity (Cobepa, BE), John has led investments exceeding €100 million in the climate space, including a unicorn startup. He is a dedicated board member and mentor to start-ups. Prior to doing an INSEAD MBA, where he met Jinna, John spent one year in the Virunga National Park in DR Congo leading their sustainable venture building efforts.

Interesting tidbit - space is one of John's passions, and in another life, he would have liked to study astrophysics. 

Why invest with us

We have partnered with top-tier VCs, angels, and scouts in multiple industries and sectors to source quality deals vetted by technical and industry experts. We always invest with a sector expert in our deals. We aim for top tier venture returns.


Decision control - Unlike funds, you decide which companies to invest in and how much. There are no minimum transactions or capital deployed requirements (starting at 10k+ per deal).



We are full-time dedicated and personally invested in all our portfolio companies. We actively engage on a monthly basis with our portfolio companies. Investors are welcome and encouraged to contribute directly to the companies.


Since we are  unrestricted by fund strategy, thematic or shareholding, we can pick the best opportunities, and our network of 60+ fund partners view us as a complimentary source of capital, giving us access to hard to source deals.


Join mission-aligned members including experienced angels, climate tech founders, exited founders, and industry veterans. Contribute to a sustainable future and nurture young companies and founders.


Partners. Visionaries. Change Makers.

At Endgame Capital, we collaborate closely with founders throughout all the investment and fundraising stages. To understand the type of companies and sectors we tend to work with, take a look at some of our current investments.

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The Endgame: Slash carbon emissions & costs for commercial buildings.  


Commercial buildings account for approximately 30% of global electricity consumption and are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. By shifting energy usage to off-peak times, where energy is cheaper and greener, Elyos Energy's impact potential is significant.


Co-Investors: YCombinator, Lakestar, Rebel Fund, and Zeno Partners


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The Endgame: To introduce a new textile material that is cheaper, more functional, and sustainable than existing textile materials, including polyester.


Bloom Labs transforms keratin-rich protein waste (e.g. chicken feathers) into high-quality fabrics using existing industrial machinery, driving scale and lower costs. The textile industry is 5% to 10% of global emissions, leading to water overconsumption, ecosystem degradation, microplastic pollution.


Co-Investors: SOSV, Plug & Play Ventures


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The Endgame: To unlock affordable renewable energy sources by providing utilities companies with smart metering and grid management solutions.

SparkMeter combines simple hardware equipment and proprietary software products covering utility operations, grid-edge analysis and financial performance analysis. This unlocks critical insights at an affordable cost for all types of utilities around the world. 

Co-Investors: Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Clean Energy Ventures, Elemental Excelerator, Honeywell Ventures


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The Endgame: To make manufacturing and design better, faster, cheaper, fully circular, with zero waste.

Batch.Works products are 6X less CO2 than comparable alternatives. With their advanced 3D printing technology and circular platform, they alleviate the capital investment needed for traditional methods by providing flexible, on-demand manufacturing capabilities and extending product life cycles.

Co-Investor: Sustainable Ventures


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The Endgame: To solve Africa’s 100 million housing deficit with affordable building materials that’s 5x less CO2 than conventional materials.

Cement and steel alone accounts for 7% and 5% of global emissions. Kubik has developed a proprietary technology to upcycle hard to recycle plastics into high quality bricks that are 40% cheaper and 4x faster to build with.

Co-Investors: Unruly, Satgana, Bestseller Foundation, Jack Dorsey, Rihanna. 


Image by Héctor J. Rivas
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